The information on this page is for DMVICC staff only. Please get approval through your region or sector leader for access. 

Brand Standards 

Before you use the DMVICC logo or branding on anything,

please read through this brand standard.

Every major company and brand in the world has what’s called “brand standards”.  These standards are put together to ensure that a company’s brand is consistent and portrays the highest quality of which the brand is represented. This should be no different in the Kingdom of God.

Key Messages:

The DMVICC key message is one that is consistent throughout our movement. Under any logos should be the phrase “A member of the SoldOut Discipling Movement of Churches”.  This is brand unification and a must to identify to visitors that we are affiliated with the “SoldOut Movement Of Churches”.

Another phrase that we use is “Evangelizing the world in THIS generation”. This is not required but it’s important that it should read exactly as it is stated.


Many times people attempt to re-create various logos throughout the movement, and it’s the same process if you decided to use your own font to replace the word PEPSI on a soda can.  You may think it’s close enough but to the company that spent millions branding the word “Pepsi”, it’s far from being the same.  It is important that the DMVICC only be used as it is designed with no replacement of fonts or images. This ensures that the brand standard of the church is maintained at the highest level. All logos are located on the Staff Resources page, and those are the only logos that should be used on letterhead, business cards, flyers, invites, and clothing. Anything else should not be used.

Styling of Logo:

Many times people try to get creative with a logo by adding simple effects to them such as drop shadows, outlines, embossing but had we decided to include those elements in the logo, it would be there. That being said, please do not use those types of effects when utilizing the DMVICC logo.

 Font and Usage Guidelines:

In the DMVICC logo, the text for DMVICC should only be ITC Avant Garde Gothic LT Demi or ITC Avant Garde Gothic LT Bold.  Under no circumstances should any other fonts be used.

Color Scheme:

The DMVICC logo colors are the following:

Red: HEX – #BE1E2D, RGB – (190,30,45) , CMYK – (15%,100%,90%,10%)

Royal Blue: HEX – #262262, RGB – (38,34,98), CMYK – (100%,100%,25%,25%)

Blue: HEX – #1C75BC, RGB – (28,117,188), CMYK – (85%,50%,0%,0%)

Light Blue: HEX – #27AAE1, RGB – (39,170,225), CMYK – (70%,15%,0%,0%)

On dark backgrounds with busy graphics the logo may also be used in all white. No other varient of color may be used for the logo.

Logo to use for most digital and print art and publications:

Logo to use only for official and formal documentations:

If you have any questions regarding brand standards, please reach out to Dara Teamer and Marvin Alcantara.