Dear Family,Greetings from your new sister church – the Johannesburg International Christian Church! Today God blessed the 21 Jo’burg Disciples – 11 on the Mission Team and 10 in the Remnant Group – with an amazing attendance of 156! 

The singing was fantastic as the Jo’burg Song Leaders – Nick Winn and Osas Atohengbe – were joined by LuJack Martinez of Washington DC! Elena & I were blessed to give the Welcome!

The International prayer was spoken in the three main languages of South Africa – Afrikaans, Zulu and English!

Nick Winn – a native South African – had his mom out for the service! 
The Communion was powerfully led by Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald and the Contribution Charge was given by Chris & Lerato Wooden!

On Saturday, the McKeans gave the book “When I Pray For You” to Jacque & Jeanette for the two Groenewald children!

The very moving contribution by the Woodens!
The sermon was – as I had prayed – Dr. Andrew Smellie’s best yet! The title was, “Why Good Without God Is Not Good Enough!” So many were moved to start seeking God! 

Andrew preached to a packed house of 156 in attendance!
We closed with the singing of The Pure Sounds Of Katlehog Choir, as one of their members is studying the Bible! However, the highlights of the day were the restorations of Tendayi & Blantinah Ngwerume and the baptisms of Micayla – a student at the number one African College Vits University – and a very dynamic young married man – Morgan!

Micayla became the first baptism of the Jo’burg Church and Morgan was equally honored to be the first man baptized! 
Let’s keep this fiery congregation of now 25 sold-out disciples in our daily prayers!

Andrew’s friend and the Visa and the Immigration Consultant for the Jo’burg Mission Team – Dr. Awesome – loved the Inaugural Service! 

Also visiting were the sister and her husband of Chinyere Akinfenwa (WML of Lagos) – Ijioma & Sylvester! 

Naomi and Isaiah Smellie welcomed their “Abuela Elena” to South Africa!
Also good news reported today by Blady Perez about the Yangon, Myanmar ICC: “A few months ago, Kee Aung – a denominational minister – reached out to Kip on Facebook. Kip invited him to Manila for the Pac Rim Missions Conference where on June 16th he was baptized into Christ! Kee Aung brought his wife Shel Ling and nephew Lu Tar to the Phnom Penh Inaugural Weekend and on Sunday, August 4th they were baptized! Then today, I took four disciples with me from Cambodia to Yangon and studied with the three Yangon Disciples’ families and friends! Today we had an incredible 65 in attendance and three baptisms – Khang Pam (Lu Tar’s Sister), Win Maw Aye (their neighbor), and Thang Naing (Shel Lang’s Uncle)! There are many more very close!”

Kee Aung’s glorious baptism at the 2019 Pacific Rim Conference!

Kee Aung, Lu Tar and Shel Lang welcomed the Phnom Penh Brothers and Sisters to Yangon! 
Pray for next weeks Inaugural Services in Indianapolis, Indiana and Apia, Samoa!We are family… bold and unashamed,Kip