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Colossians 3:22-23 – This Saturday the Johannesburg International Christian Church had such an incredible time serving the community for Mercy Day. Although we didn’t ended up doing what we originally planned, God still blessed our Mercy Day.
The combined efforts of all the disciples which included fasting on Friday for Mercy Day, helped make this day a great success.

Our original plan was to reach out and help the sick in hospital. With many emails exchanged and phone calls made, we still could not get a confirmation to visit the hospital.
This did not stop us from having our Mercy Day. We then decided we’re going to reach out to the poor and the needy people in our own community and God blessed it. Praise God!

Early morning, the disciples came together prayed together, prepared the food and made cards with scriptures of encouragement to handout to the community. We had such a great response from the community and the disciples were encouraged by it.

Johannesburg International Christian Church would like to thank all the disciples who helped make this day a great success.

To God be all the Glory!